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Likee Video Downloader – Steps for Downloading Free Videos from Likee

The world today is running on online platforms, and there is nothing that is unreachable. We come to know about the happenings in one part of the world within seconds through the internet. Gone are the days when you had to line up to purchase the newly released song. Now, you can just go on any social media platform and not only listen to the song but listen to it along with the video.

However, the problem that you face is that of saving the video offline for watching it again without the use of the internet. Most social media platforms work online and do not provide the facility of downloading the video. For this purpose, we now have video downloaders, using which you can download these videos and enjoy them without using your daily data pack again and again. Likee Video Downloader is a well-known application among the many others that allows you to download the videos conveniently from any platform.     

What all will you require to download a video using Likee Video Downloader?

Using the Likee Video Downloader Application for downloading any video of your choice is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is the above-mentioned application either on your smartphone or the website of the same opened on your personal computer and the URL (Uniform Resource Locater) link of the video that you wish to download. Along with these two, you will require an active internet connection. open the website on your personal computer. 

Steps for Downloading the Videos

1. Browse And Select The Video That You Wish To Download

While surfing and scrolling through a variety of funny videos on the Likee application or the videos on the website, you might come across a video that you find extremely comical and wish to show it to your friends later. You can easily download the video from likee by following the simple steps.  

2. Copy The URL Address Of The Video That You Wish To Download

Once you have decided which video you wish to download from the Likee application or website, all you have to do is copy its URL address to the clipboard of your device. 

On your phone, you can do this by clicking on the share icon that appears on along with other icons near the video. This will open a menu, and from there, you can select the copy link option. 

On your desktop or laptop computer, you have to open the video that you wish to download and copy the browser address of the same.   

3. Paste The Link 

Once you have copied the link, the next step is to paste it. To download the desired video, you now have to open the search box and paste the copied URL address there. This step is the same for both the mobile application and the website that you have opened on your laptop or desktop.   

4. Get The Link For Downloading The Video

After pasting the copied link in the search box, you have to click on the download button and select the format in which you want to download the video. The suggested formats are WEBM3GP, and MP4. You can select either based on the platform on which you wish to watch the downloaded video. You will also be asked if you wish to keep your video with the Likee application watermark or without it. 

Once the download is complete, you will find the video in your phone gallery for the phone and in the location that you would have selected for your computer.  


The Likee Video Downloader is here to assist you in saving the videos that you come across online and wish to watch later, offline. Also, with this app, you can download entertaining videos and watch them while you are traveling, and there is no internet available. Or you can download relatable videos that tell tales of your friendship, and show it to them later in person or share it with them, later.