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Instagram Video Downloader – Save Insta Videos Online Free

Through the time the internet has been there, and we have been using mobile phones, the use of social media has changed drastically. We have jumped from one app to another like we usually switch apps in our daily lives. One of the most popular and most used application at the moment is definitely Instagram.

We open it and keep going back to it even if you don’t want to and because it is nearly addictive. As addictive as it is, it is also one of the most useful platforms in today’s world which is being used by influencers, designers, and creators to put their work forward. It is a great tool to use for promotion and marketing because of the number of users that use it daily.

The app is also popular because it has options that no other social media application does, as the option for saving posts in our archives or saving our posts directly into our gallery. Despite that, what we still can’t save from Instagram into our galleries is any video that we see. 

Whenever we see a video that we really wish we could download, we mostly resort to screen recording or end up not doing anything at all. Being one of the best apps out there, it still has certain limitations, but we always have loopholes present, which can help us download the videos we wish to.

There are many Instagram downloader online which can be very helpful in doing so. No matter which device you are using to access Instagram, all of them can be very easily used to access the Instagram video downloader and quickly download the videos you like from Instagram.

How Do You Download a video from Instagram? 

Most applications like Instagram don’t allow you to download videos in the app itself or save them into your gallery. They are designed like that because of how the developers want the platform to be. Despite that, people have been able to find a workaround and develop various ways through which videos from even apps can be downloaded with ease.

There are various methods that you can use to get the end result, that is the video. None of the Instagram video downloaders actually are able to download in the application itself directly, but through the browser extension and certain websites, the task has been made possible for you. 

Using Instagram video downloader 

This is one of the most preferred Instagram video downloader online, given it is the easiest of all methods and the quickest one as well. The advantage of using this method is also that it doesn’t just download videos for you, but it also helps you download images uploaded on Instagram in the quality they were uploaded.

Taking a screenshot is what we usually do, but that lowers the quality of the image, but that can be resolved now with the help of this downloader. To be able to use this save Instagram videos tool, you have to download the browser extension for it.

Once you have the browser extension downloaded and installed in your system, you will see a grey download button available on the corner of each post. Whenever you use this button for any video, it will ask you for the format in which you wish to download the Instagram post. Once selected, the post will be downloaded in your system in the selected format. 

Free online Instagram downloader ‘Save from the net.’

Using the save from the net option is another extremely used option to download music from Instagram. This method is extremely quick and gives you direct links to download the post on Instagram. You don’t need to use any external Insta downloader for this which is why it is considered very convenient against others.

For using this way of downloading videos from Instagram, and you will have direct links for downloading all the videos. This is one of the most direct methods for downloading such videos as it simply saves a video into your computer system without much hassle. 

Using Instagram downloader HD

The third and another easy way of Instagram song download and video download is by using this external website to download videos etc. This website can be accessed through all devices conveniently through a browser application. To be able to use it; what you have to do is get the URL of the video that you wish to download through the Insta video downloader.

Once you have that URL, you can paste it in the search window of the website called ‘Save from net,’ and it will show you all the direct links for downloading the video in different formats. 

Most Instagram video downloader you will find follow the similar pattern of downloading the videos through a URL. Save from the net is one of the most popular sites and safe ones to use today. Once you have the URL with you, you can use any of the three methods to move forward.

For getting started on the downloader Instagram and getting the URL, simply use the ‘more options’ tab in the corner of each post to get a copy of its URL. There is an option for copying the URL directly onto your clipboard, that the application does provide you with. 

What is the Best Insta Video Downloader?

When you have so many options at your disposal, it is hard to choose one and just pick it as the best option. The decision would depend on the type of device you are using, the best Instagram downloader for android can’t be same for iOS as well. Many websites usually work with android and don’t work when tried to open in an iPhone. 

Another decision making factor would be how safe that particular downloader is when used. Most of the Instagram downloader free download the video for you but come attached with malware and virus. You have to be safe while using any of these websites. They could be a potential threat to your device and very easily damage it.

To keep your device safe from any of these potential threats, it is best that you use a protection system that detects such threats so that you don’t have to take the risk. Other than that, certain certified websites are safe to use, as certified by users who have been using them for a while.  

To term one as the best free online Instagram downloader, it would definitely be the one that doesn’t ask too much from you. Using websites that simply use the URL of the video to give you direct links for the videos is the easy option and safe as well.

Many users who regularly download Instagram videos use plugins as well, but these plugins can cost you a lot sometimes. There is no requirement for paying that much if you just have to use the Instagram video downloader only once. Most downloaders for Instagram videos are otherwise websites itself, which is a great option to have at your disposal.

It is best that you stick to one of the most used websites to ensure that you are browsing safely only. This is why Save from the net is considered as the best option for all types of needs. This particular downloader has different options for a plugin, as well as a website for downloading directly. 

The reason most users today prefer this particular downloader is that it is counted as one of the safe ones and doesn’t ask too much from you. It is also a trusted website by users of other applications as well because it is being used as a downloader for other applications like Snapchat, Vimeo, etc. It simply lets you do the task of downloading the video easily and is appreciated because of its following features. 


This is one of the best Instagram downloaders online because you have three options to choose from on how you wish to download the video you want to. You can either download the plugin for your personal computer if you are a regular user, or you can use the website URL to add to the Instagram URL. The third option even easier; it is simply using the website for downloading through the URL. All three options are simple to use. 


The website clearly lists all the three options you have for using the Instagram video downloader HD. Moreover, when you are actually using the downloader for its purpose, there are not many options that you further have to get through to be able to download the video finally. A simple download button will eventually download all the videos for you.  


Most Instagram multi downloader, allowing you to download in only MP4 format but with this one, you can choose which format you wish to download in. certain formats are required for editing the video later on, and MP4 doesn’t work every time, and you need 3GP as well. The availability of choice is what makes this downloader very popular. 

How do I download a video from a link?

The process and the thinking part of downloading video and audio from Instagram might seem daunting, but the process is actually very simple in itself. The steps might differ here and there because of the interface of the Instagram video downloader you are using on the device you have. Most options work in all devices, it is only the interface that differs most of the times, but that also remains the same sometimes. 

On a personal computer 

When you are using an Instagram downloader for pc, two options arise. You can either install the plugin for the downloader as an extension to the browser you use. The plugin is available for use for most browsers like Google chrome, firefox, etc. This plugin will continuously work on all videos while you browse through Instagram. The benefit is that the video downloading is quick with it. You simply have to click on the download button appearing on the side of each video. 

The second option for using an Instagram downloader on pc is by using the website itself. You can simply copy the URL, and the direct links will appear on your screen. 

On the mobile phone

When it comes down to using an Instagram downloader online on your phone is that you are limited to using a website for it, but there are two ways to do that as well. 

Method A

  • Copy the URL for the video you wish to download from the Instagram application.
  • Now, copy this URL into the search window of the website of the video downloader you are using.
  • Direct links to different formats will come up in the Instagram video downloader online
  • Choose the format for the video.
  • Now click download, and your video will start downloading instantly. 

Method B

  • The first step would be to copy the URL of the video from the ‘more options’ in the Instagram application.
  • Now, when you paste the video URL in the browser.
  • This will directly take you to the direct link of the video available on the website for the Instagram downloader HD
  • Now, you can use these links to download the video you were looking for. 

Safe browsing, always

Downloading videos using a free online Instagram downloader would seem like a very tricky task at one glance, but it is actually very easy when the task is done safely. No matter how you go through the task, it is important that you always have your firewall and virus protection on your phone.

The protection system will warn you about and malicious websites, if there are. As for using an Insta downloader online, a pro tip would be to do it in a simple way. The time taking ways always delay the task and don’t give you as much assurance.