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Download Flickr Videos Online Free

We can all relate to the moments when we see a video on 9GagInstagram, and we wish to download it, but there isn’t an option. Every time we want to see that funny video or an important one, we have to open the application and search for the video again.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could download the video and have it at our disposal whenever we wanted? A video that we have in our electronic devices can be watched anywhere and at anytime. To solve this issue, there is a Flickr video downloader that enables us to download any video we want for free.

How To Use Flickr Video Downloader

To use Flickr video downloader, you need the internet and browser. The site enables you to download any video into mp4. The video is available in both, with and without sound. The steps for downloading the videos are very easy and short.

Steps To Download The Videos On Flickr Video Downloader

1. Copy The URL Link Of The Video.

The video that you want to download from any online site, copy the URL link of the same. To copy the video, select the complete text of the URL. To select click on ctrl+a or select it with the mouse. Once you have selected the URL, copy it. To copy press ctrl+c. Right-click the mouse and select the command of ‘copy’ is another way.

2. Open The Site Of The Flickr Video Downloader.

The site for the Flickr video downloader is You can also type ‘Flickr video downloader’ on Google and click on the site. A pro tip: the site can redirect you to another page for advertisement, close it and get back to the original site.

3. Paste The URL Link In The Blank Bar.

When you open the site, you will see a blank bar in the center of the screen. Paste the URL that you copied earlier here. To paste the link, press ctrl+v or right-click the mouse and click on the command ‘paste.’ After pasting the link, there will be an option called ‘download‘ on the right corner of the blank bar. Click on it.

4. Select The Quality Option Of The Video.

This step is very crucial for your downloading experience. Once you click on the download option, two options will be available to you. First, you will see the video cover of the video you have selected. Besides it, there will be two options’ download 720p‘ and ‘download other formats.’ If you are happy with the 720p quality for the video, then simply right click on the download button or tap and hold if you are using the site through mobile. 

If you don’t want 720p quality video, then click on the option of ‘download other formats.’ This will provide you with two more options. These options are download with sound and download without sound. For both options, different links will be available with different quality of videos mentioned. According to your needs, you can decide the audio and quality of the video. Then right-click on the download option or tap and hold download if you are using through the phone.

After download, you can find the video in files>download in your decision. From here, you can move it as well as share it with your friends using social media. Once the video is downloaded, you can watch it ‘n’ number of times.

Video Downloader for Flickr

Flickr video downloader also allows us to just stream and play the video on their site. This type of site makes it easy for us to download videos. Downloaded videos produce zero buffering. While traveling, you can enjoy a movie or TV episode. You can download music too from this site. This downloader is a boon for all such people who like to re-watch a video or watch it later by saving it.